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Dining alone.

Is it an easy or difficult thing for you? The distraction of a phone certainly helps deeply introverted me!

What comes easily for many people is a challenge for me. Doing anything alone feels awkward and unnatural. I feel like every person around me knows I’m by myself and has some weird, sad opinion about it.

Logically, I know they probably don’t even recognize my presence.

Being alone sometimes is actually a good thing. You should always enjoy the company you keep and if you can’t enjoy your own company, how could you honestly enjoy anyone else’s?

Alone time gives us time to recharge and regroup. We can get our batteries to full power so when our solitude is disrupted, we can give our new situation and company our full attention…and positive attention at that!

Learn to be you alone so that you are always true to the real you even in large groups. Anything you might do with another group or person, learn to do alone.

Date yourself. Learn your favorite foods, books, songs, films, artists, poems, cities.

Once you master the art of your alone time, you will realize your full value and you will never settle for anyone treating you in any less of a way than you deserve to be treated!

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  1. Beatrice DeBoer September 27, 2017 10:46 am

    Beautifully Written ,and all very True, Be true to your own self first,Then all else come easy,

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