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As it happens each year, young adults across the country are fleeing the nest, heading off to college dorms or their own apartments and claiming stake on the first years of full-fledged adult hood. For parents, this is a bittersweet time. It comes with tears, heartache, constant memories of the babies they were and separation anxiety. Yet, bridled with it, is an excitement just below the surface as you reflect on the time that is now yours to enjoy. It’s your time to re-access who you are, revisit hobbies you once loved or find new ones.

What better time than now to gather with other empty nest family and friends and host your own wine tasting party while enjoying camaraderie, laughter, perhaps a snack or two and wine, definitely wine.

True wine connoisseur or merely a wine consumer, you are sure to find that relaxed side of yourself as you learn the art of wine tasting and sample a variety of deliciously crafted wine. Should you select regionally specific winery blends or go the adventurous route with bottles from around the globe, it will surely be a night of memories.

Wine Tasting Hosting Tips:

Allow the wine to breathe for 30-60 minutes before tasting. A decanter is best but in a tasting setting this may not always be optimal.
Swirl it in the glass. Note the color and the viscosity. Even the most extreme novice can have fun with this.
Smell it. You may surprise yourself that with a bit of practice, you’ll begin to notice the subtle differences. Is it fruity? Herbal? Earthy?
Taste : Twice. Swirl it around in your mouth. Close your eyes. Truly experience it. Is it sweet? Bitter? Does the acidity seem high?
Decide. Did you enjoy it? Would you buy this again?

Life after children doesn’t mean we have to grow old. Be adventurous. Learn new skills (like wine tasting.) Discover new hobbies (like wine tasting.) Become the person there wasn’t time for while raising your family (like a wine lover.)

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