Matcha Green Tea Powder – How it can help your Chronic Illness

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Inflammation throughout the body can both cause and be caused from a variety of chronic illnesses including rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. It can affect your bones or skin, make it difficult to sleep, increase your chance for diabetes and heart disease and even cause depression.

To help protect your body it’s important to follow a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, some fish and matcha are high in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals which not only will lower and prevent inflammation in your body but also help protect against illness.

A daily dose of matcha is the proverbial apple a day and can help reinforce your body’s immune system protecting you from a long list of ailments. Lowering your body’s inflammation not only is healthier for you in the long-term but offers results you will notice within days of a daily matcha regimen. The added versatility of matcha makes it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Add matcha to recipes from main dishes to desserts. Matchas full-bodied, creamy flavor can even be added as a boost to your smoothies after a workout or daily juicing as it masks those vegetables that just don’t taste all that great. You may find you are drinking many more fresh vegetable and fruit juices and look forward to the delicious treat. The high quality of matcha and the nutrients provided from the leaves it’s produced from are a daily requirement for those mindful of body, soul and spirit. Happy drinking!

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