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Tis the season of maxing credit cards, dealing with heavy (and mostly rude) crowds and buying tons of crap nobody even wants!

Make this the year to celebrate what the holidays should really be about. Take the material stuff out of the equation.

Here are a few fun and happy things to make your holidays memorable.

More than the date:

Check out your online community calendars, local newspapers or social media event pages for holiday happenings. They generally start in mid-November and carry on past the New Year. Some events are annual and could easily become family traditions.

Cook Together:

Don’t work yourself ragged and into a stressed ball of chaos. Share the cooking duties. Have a potluck or assign family members a dish. Even the worst cook can bring a store bought dessert. Better yet: Put that relative in charge of games for the get together!

If You Hate Doing it….Don’t:

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, not something that forms a ball in the pit of your belly. If you absolutely can’t stand wearing the ugly sweater to your Aunts everyday, don’t. You don’t have to explain yourself. Just wear your pretty dress you bought special and laugh with the family about their silliness. Take photos. Join in the fun but be yourself.

Spend Time, Not Money:

A movie day out. Brunch with the family. Hiking in your favorite park. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

Don’t Deny Yourself:

If your January through December 1st mornings begin with a cup of hot tea and reading a chapter or two of your favorite book, keep doing that. Giving up your sacred moments for the sake of trying to please every holiday whim of every family member isn’t fair to you. Hold on tight to your private moments. Make sure to keep your relaxation rituals. Not only will it make your happier and your stress less, but friends and family will appreciate that you’ve taken a “chill” pill.

If You Must Gift:

If the holidays just aren’t the holidays for you without gifts under the tree, stick to the golden rule of minimalism.  Stick to 4 gifts only (kudos if you go with fewer!)

1 Gift they want

1 Gift they need

1 Gift to wear


1 Gift to read

It’s really that simple. Not only will it reduce your household clutter but your stress will drop significantly as well.

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